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Virginia is home to 823,000 veterans, which is the 7th largest population of veterans in the country.  With thousands of military personnel returning home within the next few years, projections show that Virginia will rank as the 4th largest in the nation by 2016. 
The growing population of veterans makes up an important and integral segment of our society.  It is critical that we take measures to ensure they have the right resources to transition into civilian life after serving our country.  
As a member of the General Laws and Technology Committee and the Senate Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee, I have authored and supported legislation to improve the lives of the men and women who have served in the Armed Forces and have sacrificed for all of us.
In 2011 it was my legislation that created a Department of Veterans Affairs to create more opportunities for Virginia to provide resources to our veterans.  They deserve all of the resources that that we can provide and the benefits that they have earned.

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