Unleash Economic Growth
Unleash Economic Growth Protect Healthcare Freedom Honor Our Veterans Push for Higher Education

There is no question that Virginians are feeling the impact of the national recession.  Rising fuel prices, a slowdown in our housing market, droves of unemployed college graduates, and the overall economic uncertainty has caused many of our families to cut back and to make difficult budget decisions.
As state leaders, we have taken our cue from the great citizens of the Commonwealth and have acted accordingly through tough economic times.
In an unprecedented show of bipartisan unity in the General Assembly, and with strong leadership under Governor Bob McDonnell, we balanced the budget, implemented money saving reforms, and passed measures that are designed to position the Commonwealth as a leader in job creation and in attracting new businesses.
I believe we have a unique opportunity to make Virginia the most dynamic and business-friendly state by creating conditions that spur innovation, entrepreneurialism and a pro-growth economic environment.

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