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News & Legislation Updates

Association selects Vogel as its Legislator of the Year
September 02, 2019

WINCHESTER — The Virginia Professional Fire Fighters organization has presented state Sen. Jill Vogel, R-Upperville, with its Legislator of the Year award.

Gooditis, Vogel recognized for healthcare efforts
August 31, 2019

WINCHESTER — State Sen. Jill Vogel, R-Upperville, and Del. Wendy Gooditis, D-Clarke County, were presented Friday with a “HosPac Healthcare Hero” award from the political action committee for the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association.

Legislative Update July
July 29, 2019

The Senate has convened twice since the end of regular session. In April, we returned to Richmond for the Veto Session, where the defining disputes centered around reform bills which passed quite easily with bi-partisan support but were vetoed by the Governor. That included two of my bills, a reform of the Department of Elections and legislation to allow associations to provide health plans to individual members who otherwise have no access to affordable coverage. If re-elected, I intend to make these a top priority again next year.

Editorial: Competition, choice ... that's what Vogel's health care bills offer
April 09, 2019

One of the long-standing criticisms and outright concerns about the Affordable Care Act (aka “ObamaCare) has been rigidity in the plans presented and, thus, a lack of competition and choice. In many instances, insurance clients are restricted to three basic choices — employer-provided insurance, ObamaCare, or Medicaid. This leaves, for instance, small companies unable to provide the insurance plans employees desire, and affords users of the individual marketplace little opportunity to satisfy their singular needs.

Legislative Update
February 19, 2019

We have made it beyond crossover in the General Assembly. It marks the halfway point of session and at midnight, each chamber must have completed work on its own legislation or the bills die. This session 2,423 measures have been introduced so far, with 479 passed in the Senate and 602 passed in the House.

Legislative Update
January 17, 2019

The 2019 Senate Session convened January 9th at the Capitol followed by the Governor’s State of the Commonwealth Address. The buildup to the legislative session has been a long one and it is also a celebration of the 400th anniversary of the General Assembly. Formed in 1619 as the House of Burgesses, we are the oldest continuous representative body in the Western Hemisphere, meeting first in Jamestown, then Williamsburg and now Richmond.

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